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A knowledge centre for vestibular clinicians

We know you have full and demanding jobs, and often work in isolation from other vestibular therapists and peers. .  So we’ve made it easier to stay up to date with vestibular developments by offering you this curated space to review clinical evidence, the latest studies and training and development opportunities. 


Our VestiCOMMS newsletter goes out every quarter, jam-packed with the latest research, courses, conferences and profiles on vestibular clinicians.  To stay in touch with all things vestibular, subscribe here.


Evidence Supporting the Clinical Use of Video Frenzel Goggles

Halmagyi GM, McGarvie LA, Strupp M. Nystagmus goggles: how to use them, what you find and what it means. Pract Neurol. 2020 Dec;20(6):446-450.


 nystagmus goggles are essential for any clinician dealing with dizzy patients”.   

Palchun VT, Kryukov AI, Guseval AL, Chernov AL. The enhanced efficiency of nystagmus detection using the modified Frenzel goggles with congenerous illumination. Vestn Otorinolaringol. 2016;81(6):78-81. Russian. doi: 10.17116/otorino201681678-81. PMID: 28091483.

“……  modified Frenzel goggles are more convenient for detecting spontaneous nystagmus in everyday practice.”

Baba S, Fukumoto A, Aoyagi M, Koizumi Y, Ikezono T, Yagi T.  “A comparative study on the observation of spontaneous nystagmus with frenzel glasses and an infrared CCD camera” (2004). Journal of Nippon Medical School. 71 (1): 25-29.

" "the IR-CCD camera can be recommended as a more useful system and powerful tool for neurotological examination than F glasses.”

Bery AK, Wang CF, Gold DR, Chang TP. The fixation suppression test can uncover vertical nystagmus of central origin in some patients with dizziness. Neurol Sci. 2021 Dec;42(12):5343-5352.

Edlow JA, Newman-Toker D. Using the Physical Examination to Diagnose Patients with Acute Dizziness and Vertigo. J Emerg Med. 2016 Apr;50(4):617-28.

“Knowledge gaps regarding eye-movement findings also contribute to misdiagnosis"

Özel HE, Karakuzu AT, Temir H, Alpay M, Özdoğan F, Genç S. Effect of ocular fixation on positional nystagmus in BPPV patients. Int J Audiol. 2022 Apr 19:1-6.

Jonathan A. Edlow, MD, Kiersten L. Gurley, MD, and David E. Newman-Toker, MD, PHD, “A new diagnostic approach to the adult patient with acute dizziness” J Emerg Med. 2018 Apr; 54(4): 469-483.

Newman-Toker DE1, Saber Tehrani AS, Mantodoudis G, Pula JH, Gueded CI, Kerber KA, Blitz A, Ying SH, Hsieh YH, Rothman RE, Hanley DF, Zee DS, Kattah JC, “Quantitative video-oculography to help diagnose stroke in acute vertigo and dizziness: toward an ECG for the eyes” Stroke. 2013 Apr;44(4): 1158-61. Doi: 10.1161/ 2013 Mar 5.

Anoh-Tanon MJ et al “Vertigo is an understated symptom of ocular discorders: dizzy children do not always need an MRI” Pediatric Neurology 2000; 23(1):49-53

U Reker, “Peripheral-vestibular spontaneous nystagmus. Analysis of reproducibility and methodologies” Archives of oto-rhino-laryngology, 1980, 226(4), 225‐237 From Cochrane Library, accessed 4/3/19

Lawson J, Bamiou DE, Cohen HS, Newton J. Positional vertigo in a Falls Service. Age Ageing. 2008 Sep;37(5):585-9.


by Dr Danielle Tate


Vestibular competency and qualification

The Australian Physiotherapy Association offers advanced training and collegial support for vestibular physiotherapists.

Vestibular Education Australia create vestibular courses (including competency-based courses) to provide participants with the latest evidence, practical skills and knowledge.  Keep an eye on this site: VEA competency courses fill quickly!

The brilliant presenters in the Neurological, Aged and Vestibular Education group run weekend Introductory Vestibular Courses and courses covering central issues including Concussion.  

With over 35 years of combined physiotherapy experience, these excellent presenters work across Australia to run Introductory Vestibular Courses and Advanced Courses in local health services and private practices. 

Run by a senior neurological and vestibular physiotherapist and top quality vestibular trainer, Vertigo Balance Clinic provide excellent vestibular courses across Australia and New Zealand.

Provide three levels of vestibular training for Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors

AVESTA Is an informal association of vestibular rehabilitation practitioners in Australia offering information and access to further vestibular education. Follow the link to access their great newsletter.

Hub Academia offers the ability to participate and learn in an online environment with elearning modules.

Provide online options for Vestibular Assessment and Management training.

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Keep your vestibular skills up to date! 

Advances in Vestibular Rehabilitation
(Auckland, NZ)

9-11 November

 This exciting, 3 day Advances course will cover BPPV, paediatric vestibular rehabilitation, concussion, vestibular migraine vs. Meniere’s disease, Neurodegenerative disorders, among other topics.  Passing a vestibular competency course is a requirement for enrolment.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Course 
(Auckland, NZ)

11-16 November 

The Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency course run by the legendary Herdman team, is an intense, evidence-based course designed for physiotherapists and doctors with experience treating patients with vestibular disorders. The course includes lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions with additional self-study sessions.  

2-Day Introductory Vestibular Rehabilitation Course
(Sydney, Australia)

23-24 November

This excellent introductory course run by advanced clinician and skilled educator,  Vanessa Simpson, will cover vestibular assessment and management.  Includes theory and practical components.


Stay Up to Date with Vestibular Issues

Our VestiCOMMS newsletter goes out every quarter, jam-packed with the latest vestibular research, courses, conferences and clinician profiles.  Stay in touch with all things vestibular.

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Vestibular Update & Online Resource Centre

As always, we would love your suggestions and feedback on the resources supplied here.  This section of our website is for you!  Please feel free to contribute and share.

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