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Video Frenzel Goggles made better

Vesticam started as one vestibular physiotherapist’s mission to make video frenzel goggles more user friendly and accessible, enabling vestibular clinicians in all parts of the health system to better assess dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders with confidence.


As an experienced physiotherapist with a passion for vestibular therapy, Suzanne Douglas understood the importance of recording eye movement during clinical vestibular tests, with and without fixation.  At the time, the technology needed to conduct these tests was cumbersome and expensive.  Suzanne recognised the need for simple, portable and affordable infrared video goggles to improve outcomes for clinicians and patients alike.


After 2 years of research and development, the initial Vesticam goggles were launched in 2018.  They were light-tight, fully adjustable, comfortable to wear and were the first to offer the complete portability and the convenience of operating with a smartphone.  In 2021, the upgrade to Vesticam2 Goggles introduced refined performance with a new, more streamlined shape.


Australian owned, Vesticam is committed to working with vestibular clinicians to support the best possible clinical care for their patients.  The team offers dedicated and caring service and aims to make your job easier.


Committed to giving back and supporting the vestibular community, Vesticam regularly donates units to universities and trained first line health workers, provides education units for training purposes and offers health professionals who have completed vestibular professional development a special discount.


Vesticam also curates their quarterly newsletter, VestiCOMMS which provides updates on the latest vestibular research, courses and conferences, making it easier


Stay Up to Date with Vestibular

Our VestiCOMMS newsletter goes out every quarter, jam-packed with the latest vestibular research, courses, conferences and clinician profiles.  Stay in touch with all things vestibular.

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Vesticam Director & Sales Manager

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Vesticam Director, Business Manager & IT Support

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