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Vesticam2 Infrared Video Goggles record patient eye movements, facilitating clinical vestibular tests and supporting clinicians to efficiently assess and manage dizziness, vertigo and balance problems.


Light weight, quick to set up and stored in a compact carry case, Vesticam2 goggles can be easily transported and shared.    Can be used with a smartphone, for maximum portability and patient testing versatility.


Vesticam2 Goggles are a cost-effective way to add vestibular testing capabilities to your balance clinic, specialist rooms or emergency department.



This video demonstrates 3rd degree right beating nystagmus due to an acute left sided vestibular hypofunction, with and without fixation, with the use of Vesticam infrared video goggles.  Notice the difference removing fixation makes to this nystagmus.


Thanks to Dr Danielle Tolman and Vestibular Today for editing and sharing this great video.

This is an example of a not-so-straight forward presentation of Left Horizontal Canal BPPV canalithiasis-type during roll testing. 

Thanks to Vestibular Today and Balancing Act Rehabilitation  for sharing this video and for the great the commentary.   

An example of very short lasting up-beating L) torsional nystagmus (starting at 9 secs) typical of L) posterior canalitiasis BPPV.   Nystagmus in this situation is often more obvious with fixation removed.  

Thanks Vanessa Simpson and Vertigo Balance Clinic for sharing this lovely eye movement video showing a short lasting but definitive right torsional upbeating nystagmus.  We all know what that means!

Persisting down beat nystagmus post head shake test

L) Posterior SCC BPPV

Positional tests post migraine (thanks to NAVE)

VOR Cancellation (thanks to Vertigo Balance Clinic NZ)

Positive head shake test post UVL (thanks to Vertigo Balance Clinic NZ)

Supine roll test, consistent with HSCC cupulolithiasis (thanks to Vertigo Balance Clinic NZ)


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