A simple, portable & affordable infrared video goggle solution
for observing and recording eye movement

for clinicians working with vestibular patients


As vestibular clinicians we need to observe and interpret small and fleeting eye movements during bedside oculomotor tests. Even with thorough training and the right conditions, making observations in real time can be difficult. Some clinical tests are best done with fixation removed, some tests require concurrent head movements, and sometimes components of nystagmus or saccades are fleeting.

We needed a light and comfortable, easy to use, portable, and affordable solution.


Vesticam is an infra-red video eye-movement recording system.
Infra-red video goggles can provide a clear recording of eye movements, with or without fixation. The recording is visible in real time, even with the patient’s eyes covered (fixation removed), can be stored, and then reviewed and/or shared with other health professionals or your patient.


  • Lightweight and convenient to transport and wear
  • Completely portable
  • Allows patient to move freely during tests
  • Comfortable, with quick release straps
  • Fits children and adults of all sizes with an interpupillary range of 22mm
  • Easy to use
  • Very quick to adjust during assessments
  • Available with or without internal fixation light
  • Clip on, light-tight cover, for bedside tests with fixation removed
  • View images during and/or after testing
  • Save and send videos
  • Can be used with a portable device (android phone or tablet) or a laptop
  • Suitable for most bedside vestibular tests (including Modified Emory Clinical Vestibular Chair test)
  • An affordable solution for clinicians working with vestibular patients
  • Does not require extensive training to set up
  • Unique innovative and patented design


Vesticam aided clinical diagnoses immediately upon purchasing for our Public Health Physiotherapy Department. Due to the friendly, approachable interactions that occurred, our department was lucky enough to get a grant to utilise the portable, easy to use Vesticam.

The Vesticam was an instant success to help clinicians in their clinical judgement and treatment of difficult vestibular conditions, and application across further departments for more devices is sure to happen.

ED and general Physiotherapist, Public Hospital

Vesticam is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.
30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on purchase.
Full 1 year replacement guarantee on parts and software.
Prompt and friendly support for goggles and software.
Vesticam is entered in the ARTG, medical device #301218.

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