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User friendly and ready to go

Vesticam does not require extensive IT knowledge or technical training to use.

Patient set up is quick and simple.
You can check our quick start guidelines, set up video and full user manual.
Want more support? We can email, phone, skype or come to you if needed.

We currently have 3 in use in the hospital and they are very intuitive / user friendly for new Physio’s to learn and use. They can just pick it up, switch it on and off they go. I can’t remember the days before Vesticam!

Physiotherapist, Vestibular Physiotherapy Clinic

Vesticam fits a large range of face shapes and sizes; face-baby
Vesticam fits a large range of face shapes and sizes; face-older
Vesticam fits a large range of face shapes and sizes; face-teen

You have the best product for vestibular PTs!

Advanced Vestibular Clinician and academic (PT., Ph.D)

Fully portable. Does NOT require a special examination room set up

We don’t always have the space for a dedicated examination room. Vesticam IR video goggles, and a compatible recording device, are completely portable.

It can be shared between clinicians, taken into different treatment areas, and be used with ease during home visits.

The goggles come in a safe, compact (22 X 18 X 7 cm) carry case, for light and easy transport.

Your patient can move around easily

If you choose to use an android phone as a recording device, it can easily be slipped into a lanyard and placed around your patient’s neck, or clipped to their arm or trunk if preferred. The entire Vesticam unit can then be kept in place while your patient changes position, moves from chair to treatment area, or even walks or jogs during assessments. Unlike other IR goggles attached to a laptop, Vesticam is suitable as a recording device for Emory modified vestibular chair testing.

The camera’s 90cm cable can be easily extended with a light weight, 2 m high speed extension lead.  This means you can place your recording device (phone) on a nearby table OR connect to your PC if you wish.  Extension lead and USB adapters are included with all units.  

Stay focused on your patient

It’s important to stay focused on our patients, especially if they are nauseous or anxious. With Vesticam there is no need to look away to your desk during testing. The mobile device can be lightly attached to your patient using the supplied lanyard and the real time image is right there with them.

Vesticam is easy to adjust

Fits a large range of face shapes and sizes

Vesticam is mounted on a high quality, tried and tested, versatile swimming goggle. It is flexible enough to fit most face shapes and sizes, from small children through to older adults. Vesticam’s innovative and patented 5 way adjustment system allows the goggles to be effortlessly fitted through a 22 mm interpupiliary range.

Light and comfortable for patients

Unlike other IR goggles Vesticam won’t significantly alter cervical proprioceptive input, or make your patients feel even more dizzy or out of balance!

The Vesticam goggles unit sits close to the face and weighs only 110g…..about the same as a small light straw hat.

Your patient can breath normally through their nose, with minimal pressure to their face.

Quick, simple, and safe adjust with the goggles still in place on your patient

Adjusting the camera or swapping eyes takes seconds. If you cannot see your patient’s eye easily , simply slide the cylinder up, lift it off, and realign the camera cylinder so that the preferred eye is fully visible on the screen. The monocular camera can be switched to either side in a few seconds. All with the goggles still in place.

The simple camera joystick mechanism provides even more range and is also used to focus the image. The camera has an end stop and cannot be pushed into your patient’s eye.

Quick and easy to clean

Follow your normal patient hygiene pathways when applying the goggles.  The simple goggles face plate is easily cleaned between patients with effective anti-microbial wipes.

Now it’s possible to record clinical tests
that are more sensitive, specific and have a low vulnerability to bias

Normal nystagmus post chair rotation in Emory Clinical Vestibular Chair testing 

Up-beating and left rotational fatiguing nystagmus with left Hallpike Dix test

Positive Vertical Head Shake test

Congenital, non-fatiguing nystagmus in child

Very easy to use, good quality video.

ED physio, Qld

For tests with or without fixation

With its simple, separate, clip on/off eye patch, Vesticam can record eye movement with or without fixation. This means it can be used for observation/recording of smooth pursuit and saccades, as well as many tests requiring no fixation.

Vesticam goggles come with an internal fixation light.  Allowing fixation at the flick of a switch!  

What tests can I use Vesticam for?

  • Saccade and smooth pursuit observation. Vesticam allows for fixation (simply take off the eye patch)
  • Gaze evoked nystagmus testing with and without fixation.
  • Head Impulse Test (note: eye movement and audio are recorded without trace, can be reviewed at 1/2 speed)
  • Head Shake Test with fixation denied
  • Hallpike Dix and Horizontal roll (for BPPV)
  • Emory Clinical Vestibular Chair Testing (particularly relevant for children)
  • Observation of eye movement during Valsalva and bedside Tullios and increased Tragal pressure (with or without fixation)
  • Bow and Lean test for horizontal canal BPPV 
  • Observation of eye movement with Head in Prone 
  • Recording of nystagmus during acute episodes of Meniere’s Disease or vestibular migraine
  • Mastoid vibration testing
  • modified/ bedside Suppression Head Impulse Testing

We want to support you to provide safe and effective treatment and management for your patients. For this reason we recommend that only trained clinicians use any IR video goggles. Interested in further training?

Review (at normal or half speed), rename, send or delete video files

As well as observing real time, you can replay patient eye movement videos as many times as you want, dragging the time line to the most relevant moments. The videos can even be replayed at half speed if necessary.

It makes a difference when patients can see their eye movement videos. They understand more easily and know the importance of follow up. They are more committed to and compliant with their home exercises. It’s easy to show your patients their eye movement videos straight away, on a Vesticam compatible android phone with dedicated Vesticam app.

Videos are automatically labelled by date and time but can be renamed at any time on the Vesticam app. Videos can be sent via the app or using other methods (see the user manual on the support page) according to your usual medical record pathways.

If you don’t want to store or send a patient video, you can simply delete it straight off your portable device.  Note: the Vesticam App is not required for viewing eye movement, and does alter recordings or provide a trace.

Use your normal workflow and procedures

Vesticam records eye movement videos using either your own PC or MAC laptop, tablet or android device, or a dedicated app on your supplied android device.   

We recommend that you regularly upload and save your patient videos to a separate storage device (hard drive) or to your electronic medical records using your usual EMR pathways (see the user manual on the support page).

Vesticam eye movement recording mobile
Vesticam eye movement recording laptop

The Vesticam Package

Vesticam Goggles and faceplate

  • Adjustable head band with quick release button
  • Weight 110g
  • Light -tight clip on/off external eye patch
The Vesticam goggles faceplate
The Vesticam camera

Camera and cylinder

  • Black and white camera with low level infra-red illumination built in
  • 11 mm of horizontal movement giving a 22 mm range for the inter-pupilliary distance.
  • Simple focus adjustment
  • Built in mechanical stop so that the camera cannot come into contact with the eye
  • Can be easily swapped from one eye to the other.
  •  The Vesticam camera connects directly to your recording device with a light 90 cm lead.   All units come with extra 2 m light weight, high speed cable in case you want to extend your camera to recording device distance.   This lead is easily attached to your laptop, using the supplied adapter, if you wish to record directly to a PC or Mac.

  • All camera units come with an internal fixation light and easily accessible ON/OFF button

Android Recording Device 

For security and ease of use, Vesticam can supply a separate and optional android recording device (android phone). The devices we choose have proven durability, audio and image quality, rapid charging capacity, and an easy finger print reader option to unlock.

The dedicated Vesticam app is already installed and ready to use.  

There is no SIM card in this phone.

Vesticam eye movement recording
Vesticam app for eye movement recording

Video Recording

  • We estimate that our 32GB Android Recording Device (with 20GB of available space) has the capacity for over 800 video recordings!
  • Recorded in MP4 format at 26-28 frames per second, the video is fast enough to capture most saccadic movements of the eye

Super easy, portable and user friendly device. I think it is a great affordable option for therapists working in vestibular rehab.

Advanced Vestibular Physiotherapist and Trainer

Made in Australia

Vesticam is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and is ARTG listed.

Responsive support

We know your time is valuable. We want you to get the most out of your Vesticam unit. Vesticam provides responsive and friendly support if needed via web, phone and email.


30 day money back guarantee satisfaction guarantee and full one year guarantee on hardware and software.

I purchased two units from you a while ago – one for my hospital role and the other for myself. They are going great! Thanks so much for this affordable, easy to use product.

Vestibular Physiotherapist

Vesticam IR video goggles and eye movement recording