About Us

Vesticam is an Australian company providing an innovative and accessible device to help with the diagnosis of causes of dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders.

Evolved from hands on clinical needs

Vesticam evolved from the clinical need for simple, portable and affordable infra-red video goggles to record of eye movements during oculomotor tests. It is a modification of existing trialled and tested equipment, to make it accessible for widespread use.

Suzanne Douglas - Vesticam Co-founder and Principal; Sales and Support; vestibular clinician

Suzanne Douglas

Vesticam Director / Clinical Advisor

Suzanne is excited to be meeting the need for light and portable IR goggles for clinicians. She’s a Physiotherapist (BApp.Sci Physio, APAM), with over 35 years of clinical experience and training (Grad. Dip.) in Health Education…

Burt Nathan - Vesticam Co-founder; Research and Development

Burt Nathan

Vesticam Co-founder / Research and Development

Burt is passionate about developing new and innovative products that make a difference! He comes with more than 30 years’ experience in industrial design, product development and manufacturing…

Philip Wilson - Vesticam Software and IT Support; Financial Manager

Philip Wilson

Vesticam Director / Business  Manager /IT Support

Phil loves helping people to get the most out their software and IT systems… and having fun in the process! He is Business Advisor with over 25 years experience in business management, software implementation, & training …

Pauls pic


Paul Breen


Paul loves problem solving and is always looking to improve internal processes. Paul has over 25 years experience in production, manufacturing
and quality control. …


All Australian company

Proudly made in Australia. Our design, management and manufacturing are based in NSW. Having an Australian sales and production team means that you get a speedier and more accessible response for sales and support.

Giving Back


VestiCOMMs is a quarterly newsletter moderated and funded by Vesticam IR video goggles.

We’ve started vestiCOMMs because we want to help connect vestibular clinicians, and support the best clinical care and outcomes for our patients.

UN Goals

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.  Vesticam is committed to ensuring that sustainability is an outcome of our core business strategy.  We‘re aiming to leave a better planet for future generations and support these key sustainable development goals:  https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/



We value accessible healthcare.  Vesticam regularly donate units to universities or trained first line health workers where there is a need. Know of an under-resourced clinic  which would benefit from a portable IR goggle solution? Contact us on info@vesticam.com